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straight-forward modeling of components with timing behavior

straight-forward modeling of components with timing behavior

Chrona VisualCreator

We believe that Chrona's correct-by-construction technology will prove truly disruptive—it is transforming the way safety-critical real-time software is developed—because of its tremendous advantages in simplicity, flexibility, time savings and cost savings.


customer benefits

The Chrona VisualCreator tool allows the visual and interactive modeling of the timing behavior of your embedded system with the Timing Definition Language (TDL).

cost savings by a factor of 20 (yes, twenty), or more

This is a conservative figure. It is based on measuring the time required to develop a system that executes on a time-triggered cluster with state-of-the-art development tools versus the time required to solve the same problem with Chrona’s TDL-based Creation Suite.

The tremendous savings are a result of two key factors:

(1) the developer models the timing visually and simply plugs in the specs. The tool generates faultless code automatically. Developers and testers do not have to worry about concurrency, deadlocks, and race conditions. It’s that simple.

(2) the developer also completely sets aside all platform considerations. These are handled by the Chrona VisualDistributor, a tool that automatically generates the code for TDL components modeled with the VisualCreator according to your mapping to a specific target platform. Chrona takes care of updating and validating all platform requirements.

one tool suite for all platforms

This is a radical departure from today's situation that typically requires specialized tools and extra training for each platform.

unprecedented, guaranteed quality

Chrona guarantees time and value determinism for TDL components (assuming that the schedulability analysis is correct for the non-TDL components). That is, a specific sequence of inputs at certain instants in time always causes the same sequence of outputs at corresponding instants in time.

unprecedented flexibility regarding platform and communication

You can change the computing platform and/or topology of a single-node or distributed system without changing the behavior of your TDL components. We guarantee it (assuming that the schedulability analysis is correct for the non-TDL components). That includes changing processors, operating systems and bus communications. Just generate the schedule and code again.

key technical features

The Chrona VisualCreator tool is seamlessly integrated in MATLAB®/Simulink®. We guarantee that the timing behavior of your TDL-based models is exactly the same in the simulation and on your potentially distributed target platform.

time and value determinism

The reason for that is the fact that the Chrona Construction tool suite requires the explicit, platform-independent description of timing behavior by means of the Timing Definition Language (TDL), which allows us to guarantee time and value determinism: The same input at certain instants of time always results in corresponding same output values at corresponding instants of time. Under any circumstance, in any case (assuming that the schedulability analysis is correct for the non-TDL components). This determinism radically improves embedded software quality.

straight-forward modeling of timing behavior

  • group MATLAB®/Simulink® subsystems into a TDL module
  • set the time for each subsystem (that is, the Logical Execution Time in TDL jargon)
  • if you need you can add modes and mode switches
  • simulate the behavior in MATLAB®/Simulink®—we guarantee that the simulation behavior and the behavior on your particular execution platform that you select later (eg, a time-triggered Ethernet cluster) will be identical

seamless integration with MATLAB®/Simulink®

We integrated Chrona's VisualCreator with MATLAB®/Simulink® analogous to StateFlow®. So you can use all of the discrete MATLAB®/Simulink® blocks for modeling the functionality of your TDL task functions and all of the MATLAB®/Simulink® blocks to model your plant. Once you simulate your model, we guarantee that the simulated timing behavior of Chrona’s TDL-based components will always be identical to the actual behavior when later executed on your target platform.

portability to conventional and multi-core targets

As TDL allows you to model the behavior of a real-time system in a platform-independent manner, the resulting TDL software components are automatically portable. This saves your investments in software development, no matter whether you are in the automotive, avionics, military or automation systems domain. No matter whether you target conventional platforms, or multi-core systems, they will evolve in the future. With Chrona’s TDL tools you are well prepared as they generate the code with a behavior that is identical to the TDL model.

migration of existing bus schedules

Our tools can import schedules provided as Fibex files and you can incrementally extend these schedules.